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USAID - Projekat održivog lokalnog razvoja (SLDP)


Projekat održivog lokalnog razvoja (SLDP) je petogodišnja inicijativa i uključuje partnerstvo Subotica-Sombor-Kanjiža (Su-So-Ka) koje je izabrano od strane Američke agencije za međunarodni razvoj - USAID. Dana 11. ...

Dani Subotice u Kiškunhalašu


Subotica sa Kiškunhalašom neguje tradicionalno dobru saradnju. Ove godine Kiškunhalaš je obeležio dane Subotice u Kiškunhalašu, i to manifestacijama kao što su izložba fotografija "Subotica očima Kiškunhalaša", gostovanjem pozorišta Deže Kostolanji i biciklističkom ...

EXPRES 2011 - Subotica


3rd IEEE International Symposium on Exploatation of Renewable Energy Sources. City of Subotica, Town Hall.
Plenar session: ...

Feasibility Study and Supporting Project Documentation Elaboration for the Subotica Industrial Park


The project ensured a Feasibility Study and Supporting Documentation for the Subotica Industrial Park. The overall project objective is to achieve all comprising balanced economic development on either side of the border areas that rely on high technologies, to increase the number ...

Regional partnerships for intercultural exchange


The overall objectives of the programme are to ensure the wide participation of public and private members of the civil society, to strenghten civil society organisations, i.e. to support civil society dialogue in the Western Balkans and enable civil society organisations to fulfill their role through joint actions in: ...

Construction of a road to connect Ásotthalom and Bački Vinogradi, planning of necessary infrastructure


The direct objectives of the project are: the construction of a road to connect Ásotthalom (HU) and Bački Vinogradi (RS); planning a bicycle road on both the Hungarian and the Serbian side (about 25 km each); and plan making for border crossing facilities on the border. ...

Enhancing economic cooperation in the field of integrated agricultural supply of goods along the Serbian-Hungarian border


The specific objectives are: experience exchange, establishment and harmonization of trade, establishment of an integrated agricultural supply of goods, extension of market-place assortment with more organic valuable products, promotion and traing. The succesful realization of the project will contribute to the improvement of economic competitivness on the ...