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Vintage Days & Golden Hands of Subotica

1393_1.jpg(20.09.2014. - 21.09.2014.) Vintage days are organised in late September after ending the works in vineyards and orchards and present a colourful parade of vintagers and crops. The parade is usually followed by a celebration of wine, providing opportunity to taste wines and freshly pressed must, and an exhibition of fruits and vegetables. Along the promenade there is a bazaar of handicrafts and a fair of honey, medicinal herbs and fruit. The second days of the celebration is devoted to competition of handcraft artists.  Wine has a special importance in this region, therefore, besides the Vintage Days the days of winemakers and of St.Vinko are also organised in January, when vineyards are visited first time during the year and when estimates about the yield for the year are made.  The days of wine in Palic are organised at the:


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