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Palic Filmfestival

12_1.jpgThe Palić International Film Festival was established in 1992 by the Municipality of Subotica.  At present, the Palić Film Festival is one of the most important festivals in the region, and one of the rare festivals in the world with 100% European content.

Since its establishment until today, from the former small and not ambitious film screening events in Palić, through the efforts of creating a serious regional festival in the difficult years of isolation and first attempts to connect the cinematography of countries at war at that time, it has developed into a significant venue on the map of European film festivals.  Since 2003 and its tenth edition, the Palić Festival  has turned into a festival of the European filmmaking, and in the same year, it was admitted in the European coordination of film festivals.  It was a brave move raising many questions in the festival's organisation.  How will the audience react?  And the media?  However, the founder and the executive producer of the festival were firm in their view.  The success came soon afterwards.  Over the following three years, the idea proved to be the right one and it strengthened not only the reputation of the festival, but also its position on the European map of outstanding film festivals.


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