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New question

Mr Bogdan Laban, the Mayor of Subotica will answer your questions on these pages.
Elen Meyer, Sydney Australia N.S.W
04.14.2013. 09:04:40

I am having difficulties in contacting the Births & Marriages department in Subotica. I was born there and I'm visiting Subotica for the first time. I would like to find out the address of where we lived. I am sorry but I cannot speak or write in any other language than English. Maybe you can get me in touch with the correct department. Waiting for your response. Thanking you Elen Meyer I will forward all my details when I get a response. We will be in Subotica in October 2013.

Dear Ms Meyer,

We are very plesed to hear that you are planning to visit our City.

Regarding the difficulties you are having, we are willing to offer you our assistance. Please provide us all the necessary details and we will contact The Births and Marriages Departmant for you.


Sincerely yours,

The Mayor's Cabinet

Anna Beňačková, Skačany Slovakia
04.23.2010. 09:04:26

Dear Mayor, I wanted to send you our village news, But I havenˇt got your post addresss. So I´m sending you link on web http://www.skacany.sk/skacianske-noviny.phtml?id3=44984, where is written about Frantisek Gaal. If you want, you can look at it, it´s num. 2 year 2010. Thank you for the materials about him once again. Best regards Anna Beňačková

Dear Ms Beňačková,

Thank you for your feedback. It was my pleasure that I was able to provide assistance.

With all good wishes,

Saša Vučinić


Ofer Srolowitz, Jerusalem Israel
03.17.2010. 17:03:03

Dear Mayor Vucinic. My wife was born in Subotica and i like to travel with her to her birth city. What will be a good time to visit Subotica during the year? Will it possible to visit the City Hall? Thank you in advance. Ofer Srolowitz

Dear Mr and Mrs Srolowitz,

Thank you ever so much for your kind letter.

I am very happy to hear that you plan to visit our City and I hope that you shall do so in the near future.

The best time to visit Subotica, in my opinion, would probably be during the months of May or September because of the ideal climatic conditions prevailing at the time.

You are more than welcome to visit the City Hall when you come to Subotica. In fact, if you inform us of the date of your visit (via e-mail: kabinetgr@subotica.rs), the Protocol Department could show you around the building.

I hope this information is of some help to you.

Best regards,

Saša Vučinić


Anna Beňačkova, Skačany Slovakia
01.17.2010. 22:01:49

Dear Mr. Saša Vučinić, I would like to ask you? Do you know anyting about Frantisek Gaal - Franja Gal? He was a composer. (piano musician) He was born in our willage in 1860, later he lived and died in 1906 in your town. We don´t know more about him, but we would like to know. There is the 150-th aniversary of his birth this year. Could you help us? Thank you very much Anna Beňačkova Skačany

Dear Ms Beňačkova,

Thank you for your kind message.

Regarding your enquiry, I would like to inform you that we do have information on Frantisek Gaal, who was a great composer but also a Principal of the Subotica’s School of Music.

In order to provide you with the adequate material, please send us your postal address as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Saša Vučinić


Markus Rinderknecht, Berlin Germany
09.02.2009. 13:09:21

Dear Mr. Saša Vučinić, as my mother was born in Subotica, I'm very interested in this town. I'm a freelance journalist living in Berlin and I'm starting a research on Subotica, mainly concerned with the ethnic diversity and the everyday life of the inhabitants with their different cultural backgrounds. Would you be so kind to send me all English or German language materials on Subotica you can get? I'd really like to present Subotica as a place of ethnic tolerance. Thank you very much and greetings from Berlin. Markus Rinderknecht Martin-Luther-Straße 127 (bei Meyer) 10825 Berlin Germany

Dear Mr. Rinderknecht,

Thank you for your kind e-mail and your interest.

In regards to your request, I will send you the material in question very soon. Please allow for at least one week period until all of it is collected and copied.

Best regards,

Saša Vičinić


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